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MISCELLANEOUS 0125 (Audible) Romantic comedy, two-hander, full length.  Producer, Emilia Lapenta. Director, Anna Ledwich.

An aspiring shoe designer, VERITY, embroils lost property worker, KURTIS, into a wild and mysterious shoe treasure hunt. Solve the clues, find the missing shoes. But will the unravelling of each clue, behind each pair of shoes, bring VERITY and KURTIS one step closer to finding their perfect pair - in each other? 

WALNUT WHIP (Development script commission - BBC Radio 3) Dramady monologue. Producer, Abigail Gonda. 

CHRISTINE's not left the kitchen floor for 3 days. That's what happens when your world falls apart. But the power of one piece of music, will change her future forever. 


SOMEONE WITH A NATURALLY CHEERY DISPOSITION SOUGHT.  (Script 6, The Space Theatre, reading) Full length, cast of 6.  Longlisted Bruntwood Award, 2015

The summer of 1999.  It's been seven years since FRAN was last home. Since the tragedy that tore her family apart. But it's time to start gluing it back together again before there's no going back at all.  And an opening for job as a mortuary assistant, provides her a leg up. 

Director, Adam Dattis

One of the winning plays for Express Delivery Project (BBC Writersroom) recorded live for radio at Bolton Octagon Theatre.


CARVE (Full-length play, cast of 4) Reached second stage of development with Critical Mass, Belgrade Theatre. Mentored by Ola Animashawun. 

 A top-notch corporate graduate scheme

promises to fast track one successful grad into a dream career. Recent grads, NICOLA and SAMORA are now competing to secure the ultimate position, and they'll do it by any means.

Short Plays

SPARE PARTS  Part of Writers Bloc  Night, Old Red Lion. Directed by Adam Dattis. 

WHEN THE LAST BIRD FLIES part of the Festopia Season by Little Pieces of Gold, Theatre503.

Directed by Sophie Gilpin. 

FOOTPATH  Programmed by Rob Drummer for Brunch Plays at High Tide Festival 2012.

Directed by Melanie Spencer

ALL HIDDEN (One act play)  Part of Barefaced Theatre's A Significant Role Season, Portobello pop-up

Directed by Sean Turner.

Collaboratively written

WHORE (One act play) 

Resistance Gallery &  Portobello Pop Up Cinema

Directed by Rob Watt & Tim Sullivan.

Plus 30mins staged for West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Matchmaker scheme . Directed by Madeline O’Reilly. Written with Barefaced Theatre

MAD WOMEN (Full-length play) 
Portobello Pop Up &  New Wimbledon Studio Theatre. Directed by Adam Dattis . Written with Barefaced Theatre

MINDLESS MEDITATIONS (Section performed Bussey Building - Odd Man Out Productions. ) Full length, cast of 5. 

Longlisted for Verity Bargate Award, 2013. 


Five people, inexplicably linked.  All looking for their path, where do they fit in? All looking for something to believe in.

Director, Adam Dattis

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