SHADOW KINGDOMS (full-length play) Theatre503.


Always running away, but always trying to find a way in. An unlikely partnership is forged between strangers Mute & Nxsta, spray painting London colourful.

Director, Adam Dattis. Produced by, Theatre503 & Barefaced Theatre.

VIRTUALLY BLACKFRIARS (commissioned 50 minute immersive, AR show) 

Part of Southwark Presents, Blackfriars Stories.


Commander Theia, future-archeologist attempts to collect wayward characters from the past. As she delves into a world of pixelated Southwark history in this quirky sci-fi adventure.

Director, Simon Rynincks. Production company, The Milo Wladek Co.  

THIS IS NOT A PROTEST (commissioned 15 min monologue) Speak what you feel short plays, Royal Exchange

Office facilities manager Barbara, is driven to a very public office breakdown as she struggles to cope with the realisation that her world as she knew it, has changed beyond her control.


Director, Daniel Bailey. Produced by Talawa & Manchester Exchange.  

LARP (One-woman play) Talawa Firsts Festival, Clapham Fringe Festival, One festival & Write on Festival. 

Lucy Salmon has 10 days to prepare herself for her first ever LARP event. And when she gets there… A journey to the fantastical. A quest for friendship. A story in search of its ending.

Director, Adam Dattis. Produced by Barefaced Theatre


Miscellaneous 0125 (Audible commission, Emerging playwrights fund)

Rom-com Treasure Hunt. A spirited factory worker on a mission. A nerdy manager with a propensity for puzzles. An unexpected adventure. Charmingly British and off-beat, Miscellaneous 0125 is a story about following your dreams, healing past traumas, and the joy of truly being understood.


Directed by Anna Ledwich  


Short Film

TITS (BBC3 commission, TV) Short monologue film (5 mins) for series The Break II.

Jodene regrets photocopying her bare breasts as part of a dare and putting them inside the CEO's business packs. She's now got five minutes to find and destroy the photocopies.


Directed by Toby Fell-Holden.